The Clan - UBIE



Ubie was the first son of Ekpeye. He was the spiritual head of the land. He took over the leadership and the administration after his fatherís death. Ubie was the chief priest of Ogbolo shrine. He was a great medicine man, a brave hunter, a farmer, a trader and a warrior. He had four sons namely, Esu, Opia, Akwa and Ihu. His children did the services of the Owos, insignias of the ancestors on behalf of the families of Ekpeye land.

The towns and villages of Ubie are Ula-Ubie (the head village of Ekpeye) Ubeta (the administrative centre), Odiereke, Ikodu-Ekpeye, Odioku, Ubarama, Ubio, Anwunugboko, Ihuechi, Oyigba, Ogoda, Egbe, Ombor, Oshiebele, Olokuma, Owube, Ebiriba1, Ebiriba2, Ihuakpa and Odido.

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