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Hunting is not a full time occupation in Ekpeye land. It is carried side by side with farming. Earlier, in many parts of Ekpeye, hunters moved from an area of one forest to another for wild and other animals. People can know families who have brave hunters by the animal skills displayed in their family alter, called Unu-obodo, meaning family unity.

Wild animals such as tigers, lions, and buffalo etc. were not sold by the hunter. They were shared by the family, and any expenses accrued in regard to the victory parade called “ Ulu-ugo” were borne by the entire family or community.

Individuals will set traps in the bush and regularly check them every morning. Hunting, at times, is done by a group of hunters with guns and bamboo nets called ota. The ota is spread in an area and each hunter joins his ota to another, after which, animals are chased in the bonded ota. The game is shared among the hunters. Though shared equally, the picking is done according to seniority.

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