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Four days make a week in Ekpeye calendar. The days of the week are Eke, Udhie, Izu and Ehwo. Market operational days in Ekpeye land are either the fourth (4th) or eight (8th) day according to the agreement of the people when the market was constituted. Many other markets are spread out within the four groups of Ekpeye.

There was a cultural market at the ancient shrine of Egbo, an offshoot of Ogbolo-Imaji shrine at Ikodu Ekpeye, on every Izu day, called Aya-mene. The families of Esubie, Opia, Akwa and Odhihwu are identified here. They sit in line according to families mainly on village identity. Known items bought and sold in the market are palm wine and fresh fish. It was banned form any village that does not belong to the group mentioned above unless on special invitation.

There was an important market in Ubie called Ogbose where great hunters were installed against invasions. The tribes of Engenni Biseni, Ogba and Ijaw attended this market also. The market was traditionally used to discuss important maters in Ubie pending final decision. It was also used a family consultation arena but now abolished. .

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