Family Possessing Spirits

There are always possessing spirits in every obodo and is known by a special object called Una (the symbol of unity and peace) that binds the spirit beings of the members of the family, both men and women together just as the Unu-obodo of the small family set-up. They are normally invoked on or on behalf of every member of the family. When any Ekpeye son or daughter, regardless of where he/she may be in the world, invokes the Una/unu-obodo/ele at any time of distress, it is believed that the invocation will stand.

These spirits in many cases constitute what would be the family juju (urgbulu)Every member of the family both men and women, young and old, is expected to worship or offer sacrifice to the family juju in one-way or another. These can be traced to the ponds possessed by the families of Ekpeye land and cut across Ogba clan, Ikwerre clan etc., such as, Udewe of Imaji family, etc.

In summary, Ekpeye society is structured into four social classes:
  1. The elders composed of Eleohas
  2. The elites composed of the Umuezes
  3. The Ugbojis composed of the Youth
  4. The women association of the community.
All of these social classes have their own bylaws that guide them in the general administration of the community.

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