Patrilined System

Another social structure in Ekpeye land is the Patrilined system, an extended family group of a common ancestral father. This extended family group or brother hood is known as Ekpe, and in a larger expression, is also called Obodo. Examples of Obodo, are Imaji, Edhiwuru, Akpa, Ishikoloko, Uchi, Odogwu, Agwolo and Umu-Uzhi.

These extended family groups address themselves as brothers and sisters (Nwana). Men call their women-folk Nwayi-menwe while women call their men-folk Nwanyi-moko. Members of the same extended family- Ekpe or Obodo do not discriminated themselves in any shape or form. They may live in different a community or group, but at any occurrence such as death or marriage, he or she partakes in whatever is realized as if he or she lives there, so also is in any financial contribution.

Each Ekpe or Obodo is headed by the eldest man called Unu-kani Obodo. An administrative head is normally elected to administer political issues. He is generally referred to as Eze-obodo, such as in Eze-Imaji, Eze-Akpa, Eze-Agwolo, Eze-Uchi, Eze-Ishikoloko, Eze-Odogwu, Eze-Edhiwuru, and Eze-Uzhi.

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