Social Activities

The most common social activities of Ekpeye people are dancing masquerade displays, wrestling, and singing. The villages located along the rivers also participate in swimming. The littoral towns and villages along the reverie do swimming. Some of these social activities are done as pastime to entertain the public during festivals, burial ceremonies, etc. Although some of them are no longer in vogue, they are believed to be inspired by or dedicated to one power/god/deity in the locality or community.

Social mobilization was easily done and the discipline among themselves was on the high side, primarily because of such power/deity/gods for which such social groups were dedicated to. With the demise of some of the groups, being a member was no longer fashionable in the present context, though the activities or roles of their fathers are still on the children. It is not uncommon today to find in some homes, the relics of those social groups, such as drums, metal and wooden gongs, masks, feather etc.=

There are other social groups for men and women formed for the general welfare of the community such as the Uzugbani Ekpeye, and improvement or development unions such as Udumata Ubie Social Club of Ubie, Odhiomisima Women Club, Age Group Unions, etc.

Ekpeye is very rich in social activities and this has contributed to freedom in lifestyle for both men and women. 

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