Occupation & Craft



Ekpeye people, both men and women, young and old are generally known as one of the most hard-working ethnic groups within the Niger Delta region. According to views expressed by the people, it is basically contingent upon economic lifestyle exposed to them from their formative years. The land is richly endowed with mineral resources, part of the reason being its unique and enviable geographical location.

To be precise, it is located in one of the most fertile regions of the delta. The water that baths the coastal fringes of the deltaic region also supplies nutrients and minerals to the fishes and other living organisms in the rivers (Orashi and Sombreiro), lakes and swamps. As a result, farming and fishing are the predominant occupations of the people. Other occupations are: palm cutting, hunting, trading, weaving, carving, tapping of palm wine, and brewing of illicit gin.

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